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More and more people today are choosing to plan their funerals in advance. Pre-arrangements free your family of an emotional burden during that trying time immediately after a death and allow them to concentrate on supporting each other instead of having to make difficult decisions. By expressing your wishes in advance, it leaves no doubt for your family, which means no agonizing over what you may have wanted.

Additionally, if you choose to pre-fund your arrangements, you can be sure that your survivors will not have to pay for the services and merchandise you selected. You can protect your assets in the event of an extended stay at a care facility, as well. This allows you to have the services you desire, regardless of your financial situation at the time of death.

Pre-planning avoids conflicts among family and friends, relieves financial and emotional burdens from those you love, and allows you to express your own wishes. All in all, it just makes good sense.

Feel free to contact us at any time regarding your funeral pre-arrangement plans. As always, there is no cost or obligation for our pre-planning services. Contact us by email or call our offices at (217) 659-7751 (La Harpe), (309) 924-1501 (Stronghurst), or (217) 852-3515 (Dallas City).

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